Enjoy the Excitement of Online Craps

As all online casino enthusiasts know, there are many advantages to gambling online. For most people, the main advantage of online gambling is being able to sample many casino and card and table games that previously would scare them off. This is especially true for casino games like poker and Craps. If you have ever walked through a live casino and passed a table where people were crowded around, shouting and cheering, chances are it was the Craps table. Online casinos have made this exciting game accessible to millions of people around the world. Because of this, the online version of the game has become just as popular as the original land-based casino version. Almost every Pakistani and international online casino will have it listed amongst other top rated casino table games.

Play Online Craps for Free or for Real Money Any Time You Like

The basic concept of online Craps is quite simple. The game is based on the outcome of the roll of a set of dice. However, the game also has one of the most complex betting systems of all of the casino games. Fortunately this is not an issue for online gamblers. Today almost every Pakistani and international online casino allows its visitors to play casino games for free without ever requiring them to make a casino deposit. This means that players can learn to play the game online and hone their skills before actually attempting to play for real money. Once a player feels he or she has mastered the game, they can simply switch over to playing for real money at any given time.

Online Craps Casinos in Pakistan

TOP online craps CasinosJuly 2024
1 Jackpot City IE allowed5/5$1600Play now
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2 Spin Casino IE allowed4.9/5$1000Play now
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3 Ruby Fortune IE allowed4.8/5$750Play now
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4 Mummys Gold IE allowed4.7/5$500Play now
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5 Lucky Nugget IE allowed4.6/5$1000Play now
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6 Gaming Club IE allowed4.5/5$350Play now
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7 River Belle IE allowed4.4/5$800Play now
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The Basic Rules of Online Craps

Before the game begins, the player (called a shooter) places his bet on the table.  The player then starts the game by throwing a set of dice on the table. This is called the come-out roll.  Based on the combined number from both dice, three things can happen. The player either wins the game, loses the game or gets to play for a few more rounds. In the first instance, if the dice totals either 7 or 11, the shooter automatically wins the game. If the numbers on the dice total 2, 3 or 12 it is called (craps) and the shooter loses. If the shooter rolls either 4,5,6,8,9,10 he has made “the point number” and the game continues. From this point, the shooter is trying to roll that same point number again, but if he rolls a 7 first he loses the game. These are the basic rules of the game.

Betting in Online Craps

There are many types of online Craps bets and some of these bets can get quite complicated. It is not necessary to know all of these betting options in order to play and enjoy the game. There are some bets such as the (pass line bet) and (come bet) that every player should be familiar with before playing for real money. As with any online casino game, players should make sure they fully understand the risks of the game before they place a real money bet. If you are looking for the best place to play Craps online, look no further. For your convenience we have reviewed, rated  and listed the country’s top online casinos that offer this exciting game, so select the one that suits you and roll the dice!